Monday, May 3, 2010

Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

This is a question that will only get more attention in the days ahead. Here is a helpful post by apologist Sean McDowell:

"The question is whether or not Darwinian evolution can be wedded with orthodox Christianity without doing damage to either one. For the past couple years I’ve read the main works of theistic evolutionists such as Francis Collins (The Language of God), Kenneth Miller (Only A Theory), Denis Alexander (Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?), and Karl Giberson (Saving Darwin). They all seem to have a common goal: mold Christian theology to fit neo-Darwinian evolution. In other words, strip Christianity down to its bare bones so it can be consistent with evolution. After reading these works one thing become clear: theology can be molded and adapted to accommodate evolutionary theory, but not vice versa. Should Christians Embrace Evolution? raises both theological and scientific objections to theistic evolution." Read more

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